timaHead-Space provides education leaders with
personal, professional and practical support
to transform their schools.  Transformation requires inspirational leadership.  Leadership is about:

  • Engaging with people
  • Engaging with change


Transformation is founded on:View Page

  • Personal power and conviction
  • Authenticity
  • Deeply held values
  • Clarity of purpose
  • Positive relationships


Three questions for you:

Could you use some help to revitalise the values that led you into education?

Is your school ready to be transformed by those values?

Can we work together to meet the challenge
of inspiring that transformation?

66The work of authentic educational leaders is transformational insofar as they promote and support transformational teaching and learning for their students. To do this they must bring their deepest principles, beliefs, values and convictions to their work. The ethic of authenticity is at the very heart and soul of educational leadership… Duignan, P. (2006) Educational leadership: Key Challenges and Ethical Tensions, Cambridge University Press p 131

The reservoir of hope is the calm centre at the heart of the individual leader, the ‘still point in the turning world’ from which their value and vision flows and which continues to allow effective interpersonal engagement and sustainability of personal and institutional self-belief in the face of draining external pressures and challenging critical incidents in the life of the school.

Flintham, A. (2008) ‘Reservoirs of Hope’: Sustaining Passion in Leadership,
in Davies B. And Brighouse T. (2008) Passionate Leadership in Education, Sage, London