I have always been driven by the desire to see young people (all people!) empowered to be who they really are: the best they can be. I reacted against part of my own schooling as I felt I was being cloned into a ‘product’ of that school.RestoringSince completing my school leadership experience, I have rediscovered the essential value of ‘space’: mental and emotional space, space in the schedule, breathing space!

I believe it is impossible to be strategic without it. For many school leaders, space becomes ‘crowded out’ by the statutory agenda. I am dedicated to finding ways of restoring the critical balance between the accountability agenda and the humanity agenda: renewing ‘aHead-Space’!


When schools are reduced to being instruments of state policy rather than living, human communities with their own values, aspirations and unique character, I see over-worked teachers become listless, purposeless and, ultimately, burned out. The children and young people in such schools are short-changed; naturally enough, they tend to vote with their feet or their minds and make the job harder.

Unless we are in the business of human flourishing, we should stop calling ourselves educators. Learning is experienced, not ‘delivered’!


It all comes down to relationship in the end. Systems thinking helps us understand that everything – and everyone – is connected. When I help professionals to relate more positively and profoundly, to each other, their pupils, their work and their lives, inspiring success rather than demanding it, then I feel my contribution has been worthwhile.

If you are an education leader or supporter, at any level, seeking clarity and energy to inspire change and improve performance with integrity,

I’d very much like to work with you.

Thank you very much for such a valuable and enjoyable training day on Monday. Promoting and installing ‘values’ in our pupils is such an important part of their education, yet is so overlooked…..schools are very data driven! … Staff were very complimentary about the day and it was nice to see them positive and agreeing that values based education is highly relevant to our school. They have eagerly started their work with the pupils….The Head Teacher of a Junior School in North Wales

My work in the field of leadership development has benefited enormously from Tim’s experience and I have, personally, gained much from his wisdom. He is a superb speaker and, indeed, a communicator at every level.A Leadership Coach and Lecturer at the London Business School99