timPersonal, professional and practical support for school transformation

First, I need to listen to your agenda and hear about what matters to you.

Next, I work with you to create your own change programme, empowering you to empower others. This is driven by values and promotes a ‘learning-together’ culture.

To this, I bring relevant, personal experience, research-based tools and proven strategies, to help you stimulate change, inspire new learning and illuminate the path to success for learners, teachers and leaders.

These strategies employ three key programmes:

Values Development – to harness energy to a shared purpose

Learning Power and Authentic Enquiry – to empower learners, leaders and teams

Coaching and mentoring – to establish relationships for continuous improvement

At your disposal:

The process starts and ends with you. To help others to be OK, you have to be OK yourself! Throughout, I act as your coach or mentor to provoke reflection, aid creativity, stimulate meta-learning and build in self-evaluation, to model powerful advocacy of your leadership.

66Tim combines both intellectual and spiritual insight with encouragement and challenge. He is passionate about creating living learning communities and leaders who can combine “soul+role”. Bring him in, and he will commit totally to helping your school take the next step. A Chair of Governors and Professor of Learning Technology    A wonderful insight into potentially life-changing and career-changing ideas. Underlines the reason I became a teacher and my aspirations as a mum! Inspiring… Real impactful training, both practical and theoretical. Excellent…Stimulating and thought-provoking! I feel that as a whole staff there would be no problem with implementation. Tim is highly erudite and this course has been a pleasure and hopefully life changing. Thank you. Teachers and participants in a learning power workshop at a new academy in East YorkshireThank you so much for the Learning to Learn training day yesterday. I found the day to be interesting as well as informative. The agenda ensured that the day was fast paced, enjoyable and pertinent to each member of the staff who attended. I felt that one of the most motivating aspects… was hearing the teachers talking about learning. It is so easy to forget… Once again, thank you. The Head Teacher of a Fresh Start Comprehensive School in Buckinghamshire99