Review the functions and relationships of your leadership team

tim1As an example, a Comprehensive School Headteacher asked me to help her with what had become a somewhat divided and dysfunctional leadership team. Superficially, they seemed to get on all right, but there were ‘undercurrents’. Some were playing ‘good cop’ and others having to play ‘bad cop’ to maintain standards. They were sending out contradictory messages and becoming more and more polarised by the expectations and attitudes of others. The school was failing to make progress.I observed an SLT meeting and then, over a couple of half-days, interviewed the whole team in some depth, asking where they were each coming from and how they viewed the team and its work. Next, I interviewed six members of staff, ranging from an NQT to the most experienced, to gauge staff feelings about the leadership. After sharing the headlines with the Headteacher, I presented my report to a special meeting of the team, with strict confidentiality agreed. A resignation followed within twenty-four hours, enabling the rest of the team to build a new collegiate approach and powerful, united leadership, learning from having had a ‘mirror’ held up to their leadership functions and dysfunctions. The school’s trajectory was renewed and significant improvement followed.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of a Leadership Team Review, in confidence, please make contact.

66A wonderful insight into potentially life-changing and career-changing ideas. Underlines the reason I became a teacher and my aspirations as a mum!Inspiring… Real impactful training, both practical and theoretical. Excellent…

Stimulating and thought-provoking! I feel that as a whole staff there would be no problem with implementation. Tim is highly erudite and this course has been a pleasure and hopefully life changing. Thank you.

Teachers and participants in a learning power workshop at a new academy in East Yorkshire

Thank you so much for the Learning to Learn training day yesterday. I found the day to be interesting as well as informative. The agenda ensured that the day was fast paced, enjoyable and pertinent to each member of the staff who attended. I felt that one of the most motivating aspects… was hearing the teachers talking about learning. It is so easy to forget… Once again, thank you.

The Head Teacher of a Fresh Start Comprehensive School in Buckinghamshire