Who I am


  • a Bristol-based international education consultant, writer and researcher in learning and leadership, since 2001
  • a former teacher and Head Teacher with 27 years’ experience in comprehensive schools
  • a Governor of a thriving village primary school
  • a Visiting Fellow at the University of Bristol’s Graduate school of Education
  • the author of peer-reviewed articles, chapters and reports in prestigious publications about learning and values education
  • a pioneer in transforming education research into practice, working across the UK and in Malaysia, Australia and the Middle East with the Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory
  • an accredited Values-based Education Practitioner
  • a student of counselling and psychotherapy at the Berne Institute, Nottingham, UK
  • a Graduate in English Literature with a PGSE – both at Cambridge – and an MEd at Exeter; then one of the first to be awarded the NPQH in 1998
  • a father of three wonderful grown up children and a very lucky, happily re-married husband with equally wonderful step-children and grandchildren
66Thank you for a stimulating afternoon’s conversation on Friday. You have a marvellous skill in affirming strength and enabling others to be still. The capacity to know one’s self is, I am sure, at the heart of personal contentment and then one is in a position to engage more fully with others. Your journey and its account helped me reflect on where I am and how to plan the next phase of my life. Thank you!The retiring Head Teacher of a large comprehensive school in Bristol

Tim’s appreciation of learner-centred principles and practices represent a beacon to navigate by for learning professionals in their search for advice on how to improve learning and achievement. Rich in experience, wisdom and integrity, Tim helps people reach their moment of clarity in leading learning both for themselves and for their organisation.

A School Governor and former Head of Corporate Learning and Development in Cumbria

Tim’s energy and enthusiasm for integrated learning is contagious. He offers a pleasing balance of insightful complexity and responsive humour to group learning processes.

A Leadership Consultant based in Northwest England